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Welcome to Ernst Rodin's rather than Auguste Rodin's workshop. My namesake resides, hopefully happily, in the hereafter and no longer concerns himself with the foibles of this world. Nevertheless both of us pursue the same goal: to present a truthful picture of this world.

You are, of course, familiar with Le Penseur as depicted above but you may not know what he contemplates. Originally he sat on the lintel above the Gates of Hell which Monsieur Rodin labored on for many decades but never finished. After all, who wants to work on hell all day long?

As mentioned, like my namesake, I too have spent a great deal of time and effort to provide a realistic picture of our world and to understand why we inflict so much suffering on ourselves as well as on others. Although trained in medicine, and more specifically in Neurology, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurophysiology, recent efforts have been devoted, in addition to neurophysiologic research, to showing how history affects our lives and why politicians do what they do. These resulted in some books for the general public.

The first one War and Mayhem. Reflections of a Viennese Physician provides a Viennese perspective on how World War II impacted upon the lives of ordinary citizens. The book also explores why Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt acted the way they did as well as the reasons for anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

The second book Whither Zionism? discusses political Zionism, its origins, and the reasons for the impasse in Israeli-Palestinian relationships. A third book The Moses Legacy. Roots of Jewish Suffering, places our current War on Terrorism in its historical perspective and explains the forces which shape Americaís domestic and foreign policy. These two books are also available in .pdf format, free of charge, on this site. The most recent book The Jesus Conundrum. Searching for Truth beyond Dogma demonstrates the essential differences between the Old and the New Testament and explores what human beings regard as the truth with its implications for society. These books can be downloaded free of charge and so can some scientific articles which are of general interest.

The site contains, furthermore, a Hot Issues segment where the main political problems of our society are discussed on a monthly basis. They are what is called in the German language Zeitgeschichte and provide an insight into why contemporary history evolves as it does. Although some of the opinions expressed in the books, as well as on Hot Issues, deviate from currently popular views they are presented in a factual, non-polemic manner and are intended to invite rational, rather than emotional, discussions of the problems. It has been said "forewarned is forearmed" and accurate information about the mistakes of the past can do that. This is the goal of thinktruth.

Ernst Rodin M.D.

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